Common Questions

  • What is a subscription?

    An Autonomy subscription is a flexible vehicle-use agreement that lets you get a car without buying or leasing it. We own the car. You pay monthly and drive it for as long as you like, then give it back when you’re done.

  • Why a subscription?

    This is a radically new way to get your next vehicle.

    You’re NOT buying a car, which makes everything easier. You don’t need to hassle with negotiation, title, or registration, or worry about the small stuff, like routine maintenance.

    We are NOT lending you money, which makes the contract simple and fully digital. You can even pay for your subscription entirely with your credit card.

  • What is the current wait time for an Autonomy car?

    We currently are able to get customers into Model 3s THE NEXT DAY after they qualify.

    If you have any questions or would like to check out our inventory, please call 1-800-AUTONOMY (800-288-6666)

  • How do I subscribe?

    Subscribe to a Tesla Model 3 or Y in three easy steps:

    1. Make your reservation with a fully refundable $100 deposit.
    2. Set up your account with a valid driver’s license and a digital form of payment to determine eligibility.
    3. Schedule pickup or delivery.
  • Is my security deposit refundable?

    In a word, yes. Your entire security deposit is completely refundable if you change your mind before activation, or at the end of your subscription if no other amounts are due.

  • What if I change my mind?

    Autonomy is the freedom to choose what’s best for you. That’s literally why we started this company. If you decide you no longer want your vehicle before you pick it up activate your subscription, we’ll refund your entire payment, no questions asked. If you’ve arranged for delivery, we’ll issue a refund for everything but the delivery fee. If you’d like to remain in line for a different vehicle, we can keep your reservation deposit and you will be contacted when a vehicle matching your request becomes available. Simply give us a call at 1-800-AUTONOMY (800-288-6666) to cancel. Once issued, the refund will typically take five to seven business days to process. Please see Section 9(“Cancellation”) of the Subscription Terms of Service for more information on how to cancel your subscription after activation.

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